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TGE acknowledges that our globalized and interconnected world demands a new kind of leadership. Developing leaders with cooperative skills and cultural sensitivities requires greater focus on self-awareness and social intelligence and dynamic presence, which differs from older, traditional management models.

Understand Your Worldview

Understand how your background affects your leadership, thinking and communication styles. Assessments include: Hogan, NBI, Myers-Briggs.

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When Delivery is as Important as the Message

Let us help you clearly articulate your value, navigate tricky situations or package yourself in a way that helps you build your brand.

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Rainmaker Services

Build UnBreakable Teams

Often, the only difference between a successful career or business and a failed one is access – to knowledge, capital and the right people.

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While Remaining True to Yourself

Is Executive Presence the same for everyone? Our program will teach you how to create a lasting impression.

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100% of program participants surveyed reported Increased Confidence and Mastery of Tools

and Techniques to improve their communication effectiveness.

News & Upcoming Events

The Power of Unconscious Biases – Online workshop– March 23rd

The Power of Unconscious Biases workshop* explores the influence of unconscious biases, which occur when we project our values onto others, on team dynamics, workplace culture, and corporate performance. Peoples’ core values determine their behavior in ways that they often don’t realize. For leaders, core values shape the decisions they make, what they pay attention […]

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How to Make a Memorable First Impression


You only have 30 seconds

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Learn to extend your Influence with Your Peers

Advances in technology have helped to create a business landscape that is totally interconnected; a landscape peppered with small companies that no longer rely on the old  “top-down” approach to management. While it is very important to listen to your boss, it is equally important to influence your peers, or what I like to call, […]


Where Are All The Female Rainmakers?

A new study by the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) has found that women are grossly underrepresented in the upper echelons of the top U.S. law firms, where the major, top-notch legal rainmakers dwell. This study — the National Survey on the Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms — found that about […]

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