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Why does My Cofounder Do That?

Interview a group of Cofounders about interpersonal dynamics between them and their other founder and you’ll very likely hear “I just don’t get why they do this or that!” It’s a common refrain, one that points to the difficulties of a sound Cofounder relationship. To improve this relationship, it’s important to look inward at one’s […]

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Finding the Right Co-founders: Why Personality Matters

While there is plenty of information on how to create a company and manage an organization, there is a lack of content on how to account for conflicting personalities when starting a business. Avoiding personality conflict is essential to a company’s success. Running a startup brings out the best and worst in people. There are […]


The Power of Unconscious Biases – Online workshop– March 23rd

The Power of Unconscious Biases workshop* explores the influence of unconscious biases, which occur when we project our values onto others, on team dynamics, workplace culture, and corporate performance. Peoples’ core values determine their behavior in ways that they often don’t realize. For leaders, core values shape the decisions they make, what they pay attention […]

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How to Make a Memorable First Impression


You only have 30 seconds

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