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The Power of Unconscious Biases – Online workshop– March 23rd

The Power of Unconscious Biases – Online workshop– March 23rd

The Power of Unconscious Biases workshop* explores the influence of unconscious biases, which occur when we project our values onto others, on team dynamics, workplace culture, and corporate performance.

Peoples’ core values determine their behavior in ways that they often don’t realize. For leaders, core values shape the decisions they make, what they pay attention to and what they ignore, the kinds of team behavior of which they approve, or of which they disapprove.

Values filter perceptions of experience, especially about what is desirable or undesirable. Values and Biases operate outside of conscious awareness and bias both thought and action.

By understanding your values and unconscious biases, you can begin to adapt your behavior in ways that will create a more productive working environment for yourself and your team.

A person’s performance as a leader will be improved by some understanding of his/her unconscious biases.

*Each person must take an online assessment before the workshop. The corresponding report summarizes your key drivers, the kind of culture you will create as a leader, the factors that may unconsciously bias your decision making, and possible strategies for minimizing your biases and leading productively.

During the workshop, we will review the results of the assessment as a group. Since space is limited, please sign up below. This workshop will take place in our online workplace from 6:30-8pm. The cost is $295, which includes a $150 online assessment.