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Virtual and Global Leadership

In 2015, more than 100 M people will work at least 1 day a month from home.

Due to developments in information technology within the workplace, along with a need to compete globally and address competitive demands, organizations have embraced virtual management structures with teams that work around the clock and around the globe. Though this global structure can put a company on the leading edge in the marketplace, it comes with a new set of challenges.

Leading a team is challenging enough, but when people work remotely, often with varying ethnicities and time zones, those challenges can be intensified. How do organizations keep virtual team members engaged and on task? How can you create and maintain a strong company culture that transcends the traditional work environment?
It comes down to leadership.

TGE has examined the leading factors that increase leader effectiveness in virtual teams. We will teach you and your team how to overcome the challenges of time and distance to work as a cohesive unit focused on achieving results, increasing employee engagement and maintaining long term commitment.


Our program can be taught either in person or virtually. During this course, you will learn techniques to improve the performance and cohesion of your virtual teams.

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