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Identify the most relevant key hires using the most sophisticated match.

Find Your Cofounder-TECHNICAL

There’s a talent war in the global tech industry. making NYC As a result, hiring great tech talent is more challenging than ever.Yet, as a startup founder, it’s critical to find a great CTO. For overseeing the quality of work from the tech team, running effective agile retrospectives, and meeting the goals of the business team.

All teams are different. Some find a CTO right away, while many go a long time without getting a CTO. In fact, we often advise our clients to use a technical advisor, interim or outsourced CoFounder, at least to get to MVP stage.

Find key hires who are most relevant for your business.

Find Your Cofounder-NON-TECHNICAL

It’s equally challenging to locate the proper non-technical talent. Use our platform to find the most relevant talent via a sophisticated algorithm.

Find your CPA | Find your CMO | Find your CFA

Find your interim CFA, CFO or CMO. Our “CoFounder as a service” offers startups reliable, experienced help on a weekly, monthly or PT basis as the company evolves. Our experienced service providers bring only the relevant experience, but also a commitment to work by your side as a regular Co-Founder.

Conduct due diligence on your CoFounder

Once you identify a CoFounder, TGE will conduct a certified background check to ensure compliance.

Executive and Business Coaching

Building a company requires managing a team.

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