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Finding the right CoFounder is difficult. Do you really need one?

Our “CoFounder as a Service” offers startups reliable, experienced help on a weekly, monthly basis as the company evolves. We bring commitment and valuable experience that high potential entrepreneurs might not have. The goal is to help the entrepreneur in key decisions they face – being a true cofounder by their side. We use all our capabilities for your growth. Click here to contact us.

Verified Business Partner

Using our hyper-intelligent platform, we will identify the most promising partners for your business.

  • Using the most sophisticated match algorithm available, founders can search online or be provided with a list of relevant business partners.

Our Partners Include

  • Insurance (Commercial, Health, Real Estate).
  • Facilities Management.
  • Real Estate Brokerage.
  • Law.
  • Product Storage.
  • Product Testing + Consulting Services.
  • Credit Cards for Start-ups.
  • Loans for Start-ups.

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