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Articulate Your Value

 Many entrepreneurs and small business owners come up with truly unique and often ground-breaking ideas.

However, very few of these creative, forward-looking individuals have ever obtained financing, negotiated large deals or worked in large corporations—corporations whose financial backing and marketing expertise are crucial to the success of their new ideas and products.

Whether you’re pitching to a new client,  proposing a program to your boss or speaking to investors, TGE builds a bridge between your innovative ideas and the audience you need to bring those ideas to fruition.

At TGE, we help you express your value concisely by developing a story that is compelling and clear.

The result is a pitch that investors and potential clients will actually be interested in because they feel a deeper connection to you and they have a better understanding of your vision.

Julia McNamara, TGE’s CEO, has a professional history that is particularly suited for helping you “get in the door” with the corporate decision-makers who can champion your ideas and bring them to life.

TGE’s track record speaks for itself. All clients have improved, most clients have received either investment or business contracts.


A lot of programs focus on eliminating your weaknesses. This strategy wastes time and energy. Instead, our focus is on amplifying your strengths and neutralizing your weaknesses. The results are faster and more authentic.

We build a custom team especially for you. Our list of experts have unique skills such as voice, movement, persuasion and executive presence as well as specialized business backgrounds to match your particular niche.

We draw on techniques from other fields such as the performing arts and psychology. We model what works in other fields and leverage it into the business world to create a unique experience for everyone involved.

If you want TGE’s expert eyes on your personal pitch, please fill out the form below to arrange for private coaching or attendance in our next class.



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